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So if any of you follow my writing (or I guess my posting here at all) you'll notice I'm rather... sporadic. I'll have short bursts of activity then disappear for months (years?) before the next thing gets posted. I'm also bad about following up with stories that I've started, and that's the main thing I want to address here.

I don't have an ending in mind when I start a story.
This is the reason that Dreamweaver Part 2 has been on hold for as long as it has, I don't know where to go with it. I think I've tried writing two or three different takes on it so far and none of them are sticking. I can't quite decide on what I want to do with it, and I'm not getting any help from Laura or Quill. To non-writers that may sound like a strange thing to say, but a well written character takes on a life of their own and can guide the author down paths they hadn't really thought of. With Dreamweaver one I had Saki and her insecurities, and a whole cast of one-note characters around her that fed into her enjoying (or not) her time on display. I could even get away with the one-note bit cause it was just snapshots of their lives from the perspective of a window dummy. But those characters still spoke and dictated how their interactions would go.

Laura has a supporting cast that continually shows up in her dreams, but they don't have personalities, they're pure fetish material and are about as talkative as the items they become. Even Laura herself is difficult to write as she was set up from the beginning to become a doll-fetishist's dream. Quill is the more interesting character in this segment of the story, but he's not saying much either since there isn't much for him to work with beyond "make the girl a doll". At least in part one he could be snarky and play around with Saki, feeding her insecurities even as he made sure she'd be OK.

With the Girls of Dusk Boutique I'm feeling more confident in my ability to bring it to an actual close. Like Dreamweaver Two I started writing it more as pure fetish material, but the characters very quickly picked up a life of their own. I like Timothy as the protagonist with a moral quandary, I like Brooke (thinking about Dreamweaver should I just call her Nancy?), Cindy needs a bit more time in the story but she's going to be fun, and Lin is looking like fetish material at the moment but there's more to her that she hasn't let on yet. Angelique may or may not make a return, but you will get to see more fully converted mannequin girls to compare her to.

I guess I should get to the point of this as opposed to just venting. I want to finish Dreamweaver Two in one form or another. I know there are people out there who like the form it's taken and I'm pretty sure at least a few of you follow me, so I ask this: should I plow ahead and draw it to the inevitable close? Or should its current form be sent to the scrap heap and replaced with something that carries on its spirit but is less about being pure fetish writing.

For those of you who got this far: Here's a link to what I've got so far of the next part of Dreamweaver Two. It's unfinished and might remain that way, but it's there if you're interested.

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Mind of a Mannequin

Brooke and I spent the next half hour or so finalizing some work details, things like banking details so I could get paid, and negotiating working hours. Brooke was very generous here, I'd be on a salary, not huge but enough to live comfortably, and I wouldn't be on a set schedule, or even have a minimum amount of hours to work. Instead I had to change at least a certain number of displays each week across the Dusk Boutique's five stores, which would require a lot of travel, thankfully all of them were near a subway station so a transit pass would be provided for me.

This schedule seemed strange to me, so I queried Brooke on why the contract was set up this way, not that I didn't like it.

"Well Timothy, this arrangement allows you to have flexibility with your schedule. Say you show up here one morning intending to work. You take a few of the girls into the back to work with them, but while you're undressing one of them you realize you're being seduced by her luscious plastic curves. Working this way you can have some fun with the girl or girls of your choice before getting back to work and getting them ready for display. You will need to pace yourself on the job in order to meet your quota, but this lets you set that pace. Want to spend 12 hours in a store one day? You're getting paid the same as if you spent 2 so go for it."

Once I realized just what I had been told I felt heat beginning to creep into my cheeks, and had to fight to keep certain thoughts from entering my mind.

Brooke, ever observant, just laughed off my reaction "Hehe, I can already tell you're going to be a fun one to tease Timothy. If just the thought of having free reign with my girls can get you blushing then I wonder how you'll react when your training starts in earnest today."

The heat in my cheeks simply grew hotter.

"Oh come on," Brooke rolled her eyes "it's no fun if it's too easy." She then glanced at a clock, "8:45. Lin should be in by now. You're going to be co-workers so go and introduce yourself, and please ask her about your change-room display, I want you to be used to programmed responses like the one she will give."

"What do you think of my display, right?" I confirmed.

"Yes, and don't forget to size her up for display herself." Brooke gave a wicked little grin and continued on, "Just imagine her plastic and immobile, standing in the lingerie department in a see-through nig-"

I bolted out the door and closed it behind me, Lin might not notice the strangeness of the store's mannequins but I doubt she'd miss a tent in my pants. Standing in the back clearing my thoughts I could hear movement coming from the front of the store, confirming that Lin had indeed arrived for her shift. After calming down from Brooke's teasing, I stepped into the front to meet the first of Brooke's 'human' employees, and stopped dead in my tracks upon seeing her.

Standing by a table of clothing changing a sale sign was a little angel with a perfect complexion. Lin stood 155cm (5' 1") in her flats and if skin alone was a judge I'd have sworn she was already a mannequin, especially as her boy-shorts and crop-top tank left most of it exposed. Sizing her up I figured her measurements to be 71/54/80cm (28/21/31"), making her smaller than most of the displays I'd seen so far, which my mind interpreted as a good potential reason to add her to them.

She looked up from her work and noticed me staring just then allowing me to get a look at her face. Despite being graced with an expression of apprehension due to being stared at she was still quite beautiful, with almond shaped eyes the colour of actual almonds a petite nose and ruby-red lips that looked large and kissable even as they formed the words "Hello? Can I help you?"

"Oh, Um... sorry, my name is Timothy, Brooke just hired me to be the new VM for the store. She told me to come out here to introduce myself." The quick rush of adrenaline from being caught staring cleared my mind enough of thoughts of having this girl on display to allow me to answer.

"Ah, you're Cindy's replacement. I'm Lin, it's nice to meet you." She walks over to me and offers a hand, which I take. I can't help but notice how soft her hand feels during the quick shake, and some part of my brain interjects that it would be even better if it were stiff plastic. I do my best to silence that part for now.

"Well, I've got to go get changed before we open, Brooke probably wouldn't approve of me looking like this for work. Let me know if you need anything from me today." Lin walks towards the counter to grab her bag, and I then realized I hadn't used the phrase Brooke had given me.

"Hold on Lin, can I ask you something first? I just started here but I do have some of my work out on the floor," I gesture to Grace, Laura and Jackie frozen in the denim section and Lin's gaze follows, "I'm just wondering what do you think of my display?"

Lin appears to think for a moment before saying "It would be better with me in it." She blinks a couple of times after saying that and continues, "Of course not me me, but a figure like me. It's a pretty multi-cultural display, so why not take it a step further and add even more diversity? Have an Asian figure in there reassuring Grace that the outfit looks good, or maybe an Indian figure suggesting something a little more racy. We're one of the few stores that has such a wide range of realistic mannequins at our disposal. We should take advantage of that." Her eyes widen a bit as she finishes and she turns to look at me, "Oh! I don't mean to say you didn't do a good job though, I think it looks great! I'm just suggesting some things. Anyway I really need to go change before we open. See you around!" With that Lin picked up her back and scampered off into the change rooms. Leaving me wondering how much of what she said was programmed and how much was from herself.

Realizing I wasn't going to get answers anytime soon I returned to Brooke's office to find a note on the door saying to meet her in the storeroom. As I entered the room Brooke asked "So, what did you think of Lin?" with an expectant look on her face.

"She's beautiful," Brooke's expression changed to one of triumph, "and I think she may have an eye for displays."

"Oh? Why do you say that?" Triumph changed to curiosity.

"Well, after giving me her programmed phrase she gave me some ideas for improving my display that I have to agree with. I don't know if it was a fluke, but I'd like to see if she can repeat that before I say to place an order for her." As much as my 'lower brain' wanted Lin frozen and under my control as soon as possible, curiosity at her abilities gave me enough self-control to hold off on doing so.

"Are you angling for an assistant?"

"I don't know, I've only been here a day and the work doesn't look like I'll need one, and even if I do I figure I can probably wake up Cindy."

"You can," Brooke interjects flatly "is ordering new mannequins going to be a problem for you if you get to know them even a little?" Brooke sounds a bit angry as she continues "Remember, Lin is basically already a mannequin, at some point she is going to end up on display. Do try not to get attached."

My two brains fight with each other over what to say next, and neither one wins before I open my mouth, "Brooke, having Lin be a mannequin would be awesome both as a VM and as someone who is particularly attracted to Asian girls and has a fetish for mannequins. I just don't want to see a potential talent for displays go to waste, especially since this isn't really what I trained in. It sounds like you're going to order her anyway, so can you give me some time to make her want it like Cindy did?"

Brooke looks at me, and her stern expression melts into laughter "Ahahaha, you... haha.." she breathes deeply and composes herself "you don't want an assistant. You want a plastic girlfrihehe." She can't contain her laughter.

"Honestly, if that was what I wanted I'd wager Cindy would be up for it and she hit's even more buttons for me than Lin does. I just think Lin could be useful to me, and therefore you, for more than her body. Give me a chance, if it doesn't work there's no potential for harm right? She just gets processed and joins the display." I shrug.

Brooke gives me a quizzical stare for a while, before huffing softly and rolling her eyes. "Have it your way then, I'll give you two weeks to convince Lin that she wants to be changed. If you tell her what's going on and she takes it badly you send her to me on the spot so I can trigger her for processing. Just say Brooke wants to put you on a pedestal and she'll come to me."

"I can do that. Thanks for the opportunity Brooke!"

"We'll see if I live to regret it. Anyway it's time to get down to some training. I was going to have Cindy train you but she's earned some time on the floor so I moved her out there after you left last night. Instead you'll be working with Angelique here." Brooke gestured to a naked figure standing in the corner of the room and started saying seemingly random words, "apple, ambience, arctic, assembled." On the last word the still figure began to change. First her glossy plastic skin began to lose it's shine and gained a more realistic colouring, though it still maintained the perfect complexion of plastic with the exception of her face where freckles took the place of painted-on makeup. While this was happening subtle movements began to return to her body, the most evident of these were the quivers running through her chest, which must have measured at around 89cm (35"), as they started moving up and down with her returning breathing. Those quivers were exaggerated for a moment as the plastic fully gave way to flesh and the previously perky and firm orbs found themselves subjected to gravity once again and I wished I'd had a camera to capture that beautiful moment on video. Maybe thirty seconds after Brooke said what must have been Angelique's activation phrase the mannequin girl was standing in front of us as a flesh and blood woman.

"Hello Owner," she nodded to Brooke, "and..?" looking expectantly at me

"Timothy, I'm your new VM." I extend my hand for her to shake, but Angelique has other ideas, the 170cm (5' 7") beauty glides across the few steps between us and pulls me in for a kiss, locking her plump lips with mine and squeezing her impressive chest between us. For a moment the world around me fades and all there is is the wonderful feeling of kissing this thing of beauty, and then I hear tapping against the floor and the world comes crashing back in around me as Angelique pulls away and I notice Brooke with a playful smile on her face.

Angelique breaks the silence, first turning to Brooke "You chose a cute VM!" then to me, "Make good use of me OK?"

"Actually Angelique, you're here right now to teach him how to make good use of you girls. He's never worked with a Soulful Mannequin product before so he doesn't know all of your features." I make note that this is the first time Brooke mentioned the name of the company that she orders her girls from in my presence, and that I should do some searching of that name later.

Angelique turns to me and takes my hand between hers "Oh you poor thing, you're used to those boring old dummies that every other store has? Well you're in for a treat working with us here!" Angelique guides my hand up to rest on her breast as she says this, "We're so much more fun to-"

"Freeze." The word escapes Brooke's mouth without a hint of emotion behind it and Angelique just stops. She stays flesh and blood, but there's no trace of movement left in her body, I listen closely and she isn't even breathing, meanwhile my hand is on the frozen beauty's breast and I'm fighting arousal. If Brooke wasn't in the room I'd probably break down and - "Fuck her." this time the words have an exasperated inflection to them. "I should have seen this coming with Angelique, but she's going to be useless to you as a teacher, and make you useless as a student, until she gets what she wants out of you, and that's having you in her." I simply stare at Brooke for a bit as she moves towards the door. Pausing there she says "Angelique, once you two are finished give Timothy some of the basics of getting you ready for display. Timothy she's going to be enticing customers over to the lingerie section as a solo figure. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with her. Now, I've given you one command that you can have already have some fun with, here's another: active."

I am vaguely aware of the door shutting behind me as I'm pulled in to another kiss, this time though I can feel one hand fiddling with my pants, figuring I'd save Angelique the effort I manage to get out a muffled "mreeze" which apparently was close enough to stop her movement again. I pull my frozen partner's hand away from my head and step back taking a look at her face, frozen in the midst of a passionate kiss, gives me an idea for later. For now though I quickly disrobe and arrange Angelique posed on her knees, with one hand tweaking her nipple and one hand wrapped around my by this point throbbing member. The word "active" is barely off my lips when I feel myself being tugged and squeezed.

Angelique uses her hand with the same skill Cindy demonstrated the previous day, only seeing my partner and knowing that I'd arranged her in that pose was proving too much for me and I worried about finishing too early. Just before Angelique moved to wrap her luscious lips around my cock I found a reserve of self control and forced a "freeze" into existence. Even without the stimulation the sight of Angelique's motionless form kneeling before me with her mouth millimetres away from me almost pushed me over the edge.

Looking around I spied a counter by the wall and picked up Angelique intending to place her on it. Picking her up almost toppled me over, not due to her being heavy but the exact opposite: she was much lighter than one would expect from a girl of her size, heavier than a standard mannequin but nowhere near the weight she looked. Making a mental note to take it easier next time, I carried the lustful figure over to the counter and arranged her lying back on it with her legs spread wide and dangling over the edge. I then began to lick and probe at her exposed sex, leaving her frozen while I did just to see how complete the freeze was. Given that I'd noticed she wasn't breathing I shouldn't have been surprised when the only lubrication while I did this ended up being my saliva, even after a good few minutes of attention. Wondering if this was having any effect on her at all I pulled back and said "active". Angelique let out a long moan and started bucking her hips immediately, although her moan sounded suspiciously like the words "put it in", so I obliged now that she had provided some lubricant of her own.

I thrust in and out for a while, her body moving in sync with my own, before "freeze"ing her again and coming to an explosive climax deep inside her motionless body. Pulling out I notice that she's drier than she should be, and that even my cock is coming out clean. Thinking it weird but enjoying the fact that I don't need to clean up I get my clothes back on and say "active". Angelique continues to moan and buck for a while before collapsing limp to the counter. "mmmmm... you know how to treat a mannequin" she purrs.

"You weren't bad yourself there Angelique. You've earned some quality display time for that performance and I've got a unique pose in mind for you that's sure to turn some heads."

Angelique props herself up on the counter with her arms straight behind her back, prominently displaying her breasts to my gaze. "That sounds fun! I guess I should teach you some thing about how to use us for more than just sex then, and I think I know where to start, do you have clothing for me?"

I look around the room to see if Brooke had left anything for me to dress Angelique up in, and see nothing. "Doesn't look like it, I'll have to go grab some from the floor."

"Ok bring me back something sexy and don't worry about size too much. We'll start lessons one and two once you get back" Angelique winks.

"Looking forward to it!" I say before heading out the door.

Hitting the floor I see Lin, now dressed in a knee-length black skirt and a simple white blouse, helping a customer in the sportswear section, I'd been hoping to have a quick chat with her but realize that disturbing her wouldn't be wise so I make my way to the lingerie department. I look around for a while for something that fits the idea I'm going for when I hear a voice behind me.

"Hey Timothy?"

I spin around to see Lin addressing me, and reply "Oh, hi Lin. Can I do something for you?"

"No I just wanted to say sorry for earlier, I really didn't mean to criticize your display." She looks sheepishly towards the trio standing in the denim section.

I just laugh it off, "Really it's OK! I actually think you gave some good ideas and when I've got full control of the displays I'd love to do something like that. Only it should be in a window for everyone who walks past to see, not just hidden inside the store. Actually if you want I can ask Brooke if she'd be OK with you helping out with it!"

Lin's face flashes with an emotion I can't quite place before she regains her composure and replies "If you want my help I'd be happy to do so! I actually started working at this store because I thought the displays they put up were neat, and if I was going to end up working retail I may as well be in a store where I can appreciate the scenery. I think it'd be fun to be a part of that."

"The scenery?" I joke.

Lin blushes then laughs "The setting it up part Tim." She pauses for a moment, then quickly says "Timothy. Sorry, I have a habit of shortening names." I almost think I can detect another blush.

"Not a problem, I'm OK with you calling me Tim. You certainly won't be the only one to do so."

"Alright then Tim. Thanks. Now are you out here for something?" She tilts her head slightly on asking the question and I can't help but think how cute she looks.

"Yeah, I'm looking for lingerie for Angelique. She's going on solo display out here and I have an idea for a pose that should at least turn some heads, but I need something that sells an intimate moment." I say as I pick up a frilly black bra.

Lin takes a look at whats in my hand and shakes her head. "If you don't mind me making a suggestion how about a baby-doll? Angelique's busty enough for it and trust me when I say that's not something you just laze about in." Lin walks over to a rack and rummages through it for a moment before pulling out a transparent pink baby-doll that would leave Angelique's stomach exposed and nicely framed by the fabric while ostensibly covering her impressive bust. "This one's a bit big for how she was when last out on the floor, but that shouldn't be a problem. What do you think?"

I take a moment to imagine Angelique wearing the baby-doll in the pose I intended to put her in, "Yeah, that'll work. Thanks Lin!"

Lin beamed, "No problem Tim!" she says, taking the lingerie off the hangar, complete with a pair of panties I hadn't noticed before, and handing it to me.

"Alright, I've got to go get Angelique ready for display. Hopefully I see you when I bring her out to the floor." I start heading towards the back.

"I work till 5 so that's likely. I don't think it should take you too long. Have fun back there" are the last words I hear from Lin before leaving the front.

Returning to the store-room I find Angelique frozen on the counter in the same pose I'd left her in. I figure I can activate her at any time, but think it's more fun to leave her frozen for a moment and have some fun with her. I walk over and fondle her breasts a bit, enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh under my hands while the rest of her stays statue-stiff. Then I decide that I should dress her before waking her up so I pick up her strangely light form and carry her to the middle of the room. I slip the panties up Angelique's perfectly smooth legs, enjoying the feeling as it passes effortlessly under my fingers, and settle the low riding fabric on her hips. It's then that I notice the panties definitely made for intimacy as they had a hole in them exposing the wearer's sex. Thankfully that wouldn't be a problem once Angelique was returned to her plastic state. Next I move to slip on the baby-doll which turned out to be a tie in the front deal, which made me wonder why Lin said the larger size wouldn't be a problem. Wondering about it, but deciding to trust my co-worker/soon to be mannequin I get the sexy cloth settled as best I can on Angelique's form before tying it off in the front. My eyes must have gone as wide as saucers then as Angelique's already impressive bust expanded a few centimetres to fill out the rest of the cup. Deciding an explanation for that would be nice, I say "active".

With her first movements Angelique hugs me, squeezing her expanded rack against me as best she could. "You didn't need my help for lesson two!" She exclaims happily "I love a smart VM."

"Umm.." I stammer, "if that, whatever that was, was lesson two. What was lesson one?"

Angelique releases me from the hug. "Really? Fine, I'll give you another chance to figure that out. Go back outside."

Confused but intrigued, I head back out the door and close it. Then I realize I didn't ask for how long I should leave so I open the door to be more audible, and see that Angelique has frozen. Something clicks in my mind and I say "active" from the door-frame. Angelique looks at me and smiles, realizing I'd figured it out, and then I shut the door again, remaining out in the hallway. Opening the door shows me a frozen Angelique, so with that mystery solved I re-enter the room, close the door and say "active".

"That wasn't so hard was it?" she continues to beam at me.

"Nope. You girls can only stay active if someone is in the room with you."

"Not just someone, only our owner and our VM."

"So if I left a few of you girls active in a room..."

"You'd come back to a tableau of frozen mannequins looking exactly how you'd left them." Angelique finishes my thought.

"Well that's one good thing to know. Now what happened when I put that baby-doll on you?" I query, "I get that your breasts grew, but I want to know why."

"Oh, that one's simple! I'm a mannequin. I exist to display clothing. You shouldn't have to find clothes that fit me, I mould to fit the clothes. Well... within reason. Each of us have a minimum and maximum for our bust/waist/hips measurements and our overall height can't be changed." Lin lifts up her right foot and shows me the bottom, on which is written a series of numbers. "Those are my restrictions. All of us have them written on the bottom of our right foot."

"That's good to know Angelique, thanks!" the mannequin smiles happily at me, and then in a flash her eyes turn smoky.

"Want to try out the new me?" She purrs.

I roll my eyes "freeze. You're insatiable aren't you?" I say to the stiffened figure. "While your offer is tempting," I tweak her nipples through the fabric "I do want to get you back out on the floor, and learn anything else that might come with the basic lesson you're supposed to be giving me. And while I am hot for" I run off to the front of the store to find Lin folding some clothes.

"Lin, do you know if we have any glasses to use as props?"

"What? Umm... I think I've seen them on mannequins before. They must be somewhere in the back."

"Thanks!" I rush back to the store-room and start opening drawers until I find one with a few pairs of glasses in it. On pair catches my eye, black frames in a pronounced cat-eye style. I fit them on to Angelique's face and thankfully they're a perfect fit without her changing. "active" I say.

Angelique blinks a few times, getting used to the glasses, and then gives me a pouty look. "Can we have some after we finish the lesson?"

"Well the lesson will be over when you're fully ready for display. So any fun we have will just be me using you to masturbate."

Angelique considers this for a moment, "True, so have some fun with me," a crafty look graces Angelique's features, "once you tell me to be display ready, say mobile display, and once you're done with me say display ready again. The first phrase is what returns me to plastic in whatever pose you've put me in. The second one lets me move even in plastic, though only at your direction. Saying the first one again will have me re-take the pose I was frozen in." Thinking about having Angelique as a mobile-plastic-sex-toy had me standing at attention again, a detail that didn't go unnoticed by the toy in question. "Ooh, it's settled then. Lets get on with lesson three: Posing. You can freeze me and guide me by hand, or you can tell me to take a pose and I'll take it, though from there it's best to make minor adjustments once I'm immobilized."

"Actually I've got a pose in mind for you, and I guess a couple of things to try without you telling me if they'll work or not, if you're willing to let me."

"Of course I am!" Angelique seems happy that I'm taking the initiative "What do you want me to do?"

"Come over here and give me the most passionate kiss you can, but just before your tongue crosses the threshold of your lips you're going to freeze." Angelique says nothing but her eyes again go smoky, and she glides over to me, we embrace and our lips meet, and I wait to feel her stiffen. I end up waiting a while, not that I mind, as it seemed that Angelique summoned up some will-power of her own and resisted trying to entangle our tongues for a good minute before finally giving in. As I feel her figure go stiff in my arms I pull away from her kiss and start the first of my experiments. "Angelique, remember this pose." Nothing happens, which I figured would be the case, then I try the next, "open your arms and let me out". To my surprise, and joy, her arms open and I step out of her embrace. "Return to the pose I told you to remember" I try, and she does. Pleased with my results I look her over, a figure frozen in the middle of a passionate kiss with an unseen lover. I adjust her limbs and head down a bit to account for her being on a pedestal and people needing to see her face to sell the pose. I then decide she's ready for her debut and say "Display Ready", and nothing happens. "Umm... active".

"You forgot my stand love. Freezing me like this I can still keep balance. Going back to plastic means I can't and if doing so would cause me to fall over I won't." Angelique explains.

"Right, thanks Angelique, retake your last pose and freeze." I fetch her stand from the corner and place her on it, "display ready".

The process that I had seen earlier happens in reverse, with her silky-smooth skin becoming hard and shiny plastic over the course of about 30 seconds. This time there was no movement to see draining away, and I made a note to try that with the next mannequin I worked with. In short order I was sharing the room with what appeared to be nothing more than a pretty piece of plastic. Wanting to honour the mannequin's request I say "mobile display", nothing immediately changes about her appearance when I say it, so I add an order "lift up your arms", sure enough the figure raises it's arms. I decide if I'm going to have fun with her I'd better not ruin any merchandise in the process, so I undress her and set the clothing aside on the bench. I then wonder what it might be like to have my member between her two plastic globes so the order "rub me off with your breasts" is given and followed in short order, with the figure taking it's time to undo my pants and release my straining cock before taking it between the plastic globes. Surprisingly there's no chafing even though neither me or the mannequin is lubed up, and the feeling of having my dick massaged by the massive mammaries and knowing that the figure performing the service not only has no choice in the matter, but also asked to be used like this put me over the edge rather quickly. After using the nearby washroom to clean myself and the mannequin up I got her re-dressed and returned to her original pose with the display ready command.

With the stand she was a little too much to carry so I placed her on a handcart in the work-room and wheeled her out to the floor. As I was getting her installed Lin came over to inspect my work. She looked between me and the mannequin for a few seconds, before laughing and saying "Is she as good a kisser as she looks?"

I chuckle a bit and say "Why don't you get up there and find out?"

Lin looks around the store, winks, and says "Cover for me," before doing exactly that, slipping her thin frame into Angelique's frozen embrace with ease, and planting a kiss on the figure's artificial lips. Ducking back off of the pedestal Lin gives me a coy look and says, "mm... not bad. I guess I'll have to watch for customers trying to do that when I'm on shift. She is rather enticing."

Stunned with what I just witnessed I can only nod in agreement.

Lin just laughs at me "What? Never seen a girl kiss a mannequin before? Well... maybe that's actually normal. Still, it shouldn't be that shocking, I did tell you I like the displays here, and from the smell of soap on that mannequin's lips you do to eh?" My stunned silence continues. "Hello? Earth to Tim? Great. I've broken him." Lin sighs.

"Umm... sorry, my brain is just trying to process that, and doing a terrible job of it." I stammer

"It speaks! And no problem since I get it. It's not every day you meet someone who shares your fetish. Anyway I've got to get back on desk, if you finish around 5:00 did you want to go grab a coffee?"

My brain didn't take long to come to a conclusion on that one "For sure!"

"Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. Anyway back to work." Lin headed off to another part of the store, and I finished adjusting Angelique's lingerie before heading back to the workroom, where I was greeted by Brooke.

"Hi, 'Tim', is learning about Lin's tastes going to make it easier or harder for you to see her changed?" Brooke says, showing little emotion.

Startled by the suddenness of the question I reply with the first thing that comes into my head, "It should make it easier to convince her she wants it at least."

Brooke eyes me, but stays silent on the matter. "Your work with Angelique was good, there's going to be plenty of people, both men and women, wishing they were locked in that embrace. I realize Angelique probably wasn't the best teacher so here," Brooke pulls out a stack of papers stapled together, "This is a list of some of the commands you can use on the girls to help get them ready for display. Take the rest of your shift till your 'coffee date' to read it over as I don't want it leaving the store."

"I got the basics from Angelique and learned a bit from trying things out, but this will be really helpful. Thanks Brooke!"

"You're welcome." Brooke smiles, "I like you Timothy, you do good work and I think you'll only get better as you do more." Her mouth continues to smile but her eyes turn serious, "Let's not let a soon-to-be-mannequin come between us OK?"

Not quite sure how to react to that I simply say "It won't be a problem Brooke" before heading off to the workroom to study the command sheet.
The Girls of Dusk Boutique - 2
So part two is up, in which we get to meet a co-worker and a full mannequin girl.
There's more to come and this is quickly becoming something more than I thought it would be when I started it. Here's hoping people like the direction it's taking.

As always comments and criticism are welcome and appreciated.

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A Job Offer

    I had just finished university, earning a bachelors of design from a reasonably well known school. I'd always had an interest in theater and movies and was hoping to get in to set design, and after spending a couple of weeks relaxing and celebrating with friends I was set to start the long process of job applications. So imagine my surprise when I checked my email that first morning I'd decided to get to work and found this waiting for me:

Subject: Visual Merchandiser position

Hello Timothy,

    My name is Brooke LaChance and I am the proprietor of the Dusk Boutique line of women's clothing and accessory stores here in the GTA. I am seeking a new visual merchandiser willing to work at stores across the region and one of your professors, Lisa Yafham, is a friend of mine who recommended that I speak with you, saying you have a talent for drawing the eye. If you are interested in the job please come by our flagship store, located on the third floor of the Eaton Centre any day this week between 9-5 and ask for me.

I look forward to meeting you,

Brook LaChance

    I read the email over a few times just to see if I'd missed something. I'd heard of people getting job offers without looking for them, I just figured it would never happen to me, especially for something like a visual merchandiser position. I'd studied interior design with a focus on the theatrical, not retail, and Lisa knew that. Heck, her class was on costume design which I took just to get an idea of what some of my future co-workers would end up doing. Though if I'm honest there was another motivation behind taking that class: working with mannequins. No, not the french word for models, though that was an option for showing off our work, but actual plastic mannequins. The school provided dressmakers dummies for making and fitting costumes, but I always preferred showing off my designs on more the more realistic mannequins they had, partly because I could choose their hair and do proper makeup on them, and partly because I found the female frozen figures sexy as hell. I actually bought a mannequin to help with my displays as the realistic choices offered by the school were limited and often snatched up before I could get them. I dubbed her Rachel and she stands in my apartment to this day, inspiring many fantasies and single-handedly increasing the frequency at which I purchase kleenex.

    It then occurred to me that a visual merchandiser probably dealt with mannequins. Had Lisa noticed my attraction to the figures? Was she recommending me for this job based solely on a fetish she had sniffed out? If so... she's a more awesome prof than I realized. Or maybe she just liked what I did with the figures, that was more likely, as I tried to arrange what mannequins I could get into small dioramas for my critiques. But didn't visual merchandising also include things like display racks and signage? I'd never studied designing for retail and would be totally out of my depth. But... going out to a mall and talking to someone who was interested in hiring me was a heck of a lot more motivating than sitting at a desk combing through job-sites for anything in my field, so it wasn't long before I found myself on the subway heading downtown to hopefully land a job.

    Entering the mall through the subway entrance I took a moment to enjoy the relative quiet that greeted me. Sure there was your standard mall-background music playing, but anything was better than the constant white-noise of the subway. I'd always liked coming here during its less busy periods, not that those aren't still busy, but it gives me a chance to browse shops I like without having to jostle for position. The main benefit though was less people to notice me gazing too long at a mannequin that might catch my eye. There aren't really that many stores left that use realistic mannequins so when I see one I like to drink it in. Thinking about this, it clicked in my mind just what the Dusk Boutique was: a store that used the most realistic and sexy mannequins I've ever seen, and the variety was fantastic too. I'd walk past one day and there would be a short Caucasian mannequin with huge breasts and a body with just a little heft to it posed in a flirty style wearing nothing but a nighty and some panties. The next week she's replaced with a tall, lithe Latino woman in sportswear obviously caught in the middle of a workout. The poses were never standard and no two mannequins were ever alike, it made me want to ask where they acquired their displays but I always figured they were custom made and obviously too expensive for me to purchase. Still, I'd stolen many a glance at their displays in the past and the thought of maybe getting to work with the lovely figures was getting me a little excited.

    Realizing I needed to clear my thoughts I headed for the food court for a quick bit of lunch. Deciding on a soup from a booth selling ramen and udon I took my tray and sat at a counter facing towards the main walkway, figuring I could do some people watching to help take my mind off the plastic beauties I might be working with. In this instance though the relative quiet of the mall worked against me, and most of the passerby weren't worth paying any attention to, and I found my mind drifting to fantasies of dressing up, or down, the Dusk Boutique's mannequins. Not able to clear my daydreams from my mind, I debated if going to meet with Brooke today was a good idea. Meanwhile my feet had decided they wanted to take me to the store to actually see what my brain was so hot and bothered about, and I soon found myself standing outside the store looking in the window. And being looked back at from the window. It appeared that I had arrived as one of the employees, hopefully a visual merchandiser, was changing the clothes on a mannequin. She was drop-dead gorgeous, must have been about 163cm (5' 4") but of course she was in heels and so stood about 5cm (2") taller. Her body was beautifully proportioned at 93/57/86cm (36.6/22/33.86") and she was wearing a tight-fitting sweater that just made her curves all the more delicious. To top it off she had a face that hinted at Asian ancestry, likely Japanese. She actually drew my attention away from the mannequin she was dressing, and I couldn't believe that she was real. She noticed my staring though, and laughed a bit, then looked up and down the mall before reaching over and squeezing the breast of the dummy beside her with one hand, while giving me the "shhh" gesture with the other. I just stared even more, and worried about becoming obviously turned on by the display. She just laughed some more before gesturing at me to come inside the store, pointing to the entrance and stepping out of the window. When a girl like that tells a guy like me to do something I should have been doing anyway, I do it.

    Entering the store the top heavy young woman approached me, "Hi! Sorry for the little tease out there, I like to have some fun in the window when I'm able to." She flashed me a flirtatious smile and offered her hand, "I'm Cindy."

"Timothy." I replied, accepting the handshake.

    Recognition flashed in her eyes "Oh! Brooke mentioned you might be coming by this week, she's actually free right now. Let me take you back to meet her!" Without letting go of my hand or waiting for a response Cindy started pulling me through the store.

    I managed to stammer out a "Sure, thanks." while she did this, and managed to take in my surroundings a bit before I got dragged into the back. The store was large for being in a mall and so sold a wide variety of women's clothing, all of their own brand. It catered to a high-end clientele and the store showed it, having a sleek modern design to it. What really caught my attention in those few short moments though was the mannequins, it seemed that each section had two or three of them up on pedestals displaying the latest trends. I'd really missed out on some fantasy material by not coming into the store before. I didn't get a real chance to take them in though as I soon found myself outside of Brooke's office, with Cindy knocking on the door.

"Come in." Came a voice from the other side in a light french accent.

Opening the door Cindy announced "Hi Brooke, Timothy is here!"

Brooke turned to regard me, "You don't waste time, that's good. Please have a seat and we can talk. Cindy you can leaave Tina as she is in the window, and take care of what we'd discussed earlier in the store-room."

"OK, thanks Brooke!" Cindy then turned to me, "I look forward to being a part of your work Timothy!" and then she was out the door, leaving me wondering about her odd phrasing.

I took the offered chair in front of Brooke's desk, and the business woman wasted no time in getting down to business. "First off, do you mind if I call you Timothy? I'm not big on formalities, you can call me Brooke of course."

"Not at all Brooke."

Before I could continue she started up again, "thank you Timothy. I'm sorry for having you come out here with so little information. Besides talking face to face being a personal preference there are things about the job that work best when shown, not written."

"I don't mind coming here at all Brooke, but I am curious as to what this job is. And not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but what I've been considered for it."

    Brooke smiled gently, "Well I can understand your confusion. Lisa told me what your degree is in, but she also said you have a real talent for putting together displays." Brooke then turned her monitor around for me to see what was on it "And beyond just telling me she shared some pictures of what you've done."

    On the screen was a picture of the display I'd put together for my final critique in Lisa's class. Three mannequins, one male and two female, were dressed up in the costumes I'd made. The male was dressed in wizard robes, and was pointing a glowing wand prop that I'd made at one of the female mannequins, Rachel actually. The bottom half of her costume was a playboy bunny outfit while the top was just a sweatshirt I'd bought from goodwill. I'd managed to pose her as if she was surprised at what was happening. The other mannequin was dressed up like a cat-girl and was reclining next to the wizard mannequin. I'd installed some LEDs into the bunny and kitty outfits to give the impression that they were glowing. Meanwhile I'd lined the sweater with a weave of Christmas lights so that it really lit up and looked like it was being affected by the magic wand. Brooke beat me to saying anything about the work, "This is a pretty creative use of the figures. Your costuming needs some work, but I understand these were hand made. Luckily costuming isn't what I want to hire you for, I want you to handle my store's window and floor displays."

My eyes went wide, "Umm..." was all I could get out.

"Naturally I would like to test your abilities a bit before I actually offer you the job, assuming you're interested..?" She trailed off.

"I am very much interested!" I said, probably a little too enthusiastically.

Thankfully Brooke just laughed a bit, "Alright then follow me and we'll see if you're who I'm looking for."

    She led me for a short way through the back of the store, and I took the opportunity to get a good look at her. Brooke was a tall woman, probably around 175cm (5' 9"), and while she didn't have the proportions of her busty employee, Brooke was certainly no slouch in the looks department. She wore a ruffled white blouse that just hinted at the curve of her breasts and tucked neatly into her slim black pants, showing off her hips and long shapely legs. Unlike her employee Brooke wore flats, leaving it to my imagination what those legs would look like in heels.

    Entering the room I was greeted by the sight of three mannequins, each wearing casual apparel consisting of jeans and a tank-top or t-shirt, and each one a vision of beauty in plastic. There was the Caucasian and Latino mannequins I mentioned earlier along with a Black mannequin that split the difference between the other two for build. being moderately athletic while still having some very nice curves. They poses they were in though weren't great, with there being no cohesion between the group.

    "Timothy, meet Grace," Brooke gestured to the Caucasian mannequin who was posed as if seducing a lover, giving a come hither look while leaning forward a bit and propping her breasts up on on arm. "Laura," the Latino mannequin was posed as if she was lifting weights. "And Jackie." the Black mannequin who oddly enough was posed just like a barbie doll in a box, arms at her sides and legs together and straight. "These three are supposed to be having a girl's day out, but as you can see they, while they're dressed for it, they still don't look like it. You'll find that they're quite pose-able though, more so that you might expect from figures like them. So please, arrange these girls in a fashion that shows the fun times customers can have with their friends while wearing the clothes we sell here."

    My stomach wanted to leap out of my body with nervousness while my dick wanted to go rock hard with excitement. It was a weird feeling and all I could to to simply say "Sure, do I have a time limit?" to Brooke.

    "I think half an hour should be good. That gives you some time to think of a pose for each of these girls, as well as time to get used to posing them." Brooke must have sensed my feelings because she added "And there's no need to be nervous, the girls won't judge if you feel them up a bit!" Winking at me, Brooke left me alone with the display.

    It took me a minute to recover from her last words, but when I fully registered them all I could do was laugh at myself, had I really been that obvious? Still, my stomach had settled down and I was feeling ready to earn this job. I took a while to think my poses over while idly attempting to move Jackie out of her boring pose. To my surprise I found she could move in most ways a human could, despite lack of articulation in her joints and her body feeling like it was made of the same plastic as Rachel's. I'd need to ask Brooke how these things were made. I played with posing her for a while before taking in the room I was in and noticing something I could use for my final display.

    I started with Jackie since I'd been playing with her, moving her body into a pensive pose with her "weight" resting on right foot, left leg bent, her right hand holding her chin and the left hand holding her right elbow. Her face would be the selling point of this pose though, and I made sure to give her an exaggerated thoughtful look that screamed sarcasm, all the while marveling at how much I could change her face.

    Moving on to Laura I set her facial pose first. Giving her a wide, reassuring smile that would sell the pose of her body. I gave her a version of the classic Vanna White pose, placing her left hand on her hip and her right hand out to her side, palm up with her arm bent and her elbow pointing down. Her hand was placed at the height of Grace's neck. Meanwhile Laura's body arched slightly into her left hand creating pleasing curve. To complete Laura's pose I grabbed a store name-tag that someone had left behind and pinned it to the t-shirt.

    Grace was last and I again started with the face, giving her a nervous smile and doubtful eyes that said "does this really look good on me?" and posed her in mid pirouette as if she was showing off for Jackie. Grace's pose was finished off by throwing some extra clothing over a rack that I placed near her, giving the whole scene the impression of a girl trying on things in a changing room.

    I'd just finished my display and realized that I'd been so focused that I hadn't actually felt up any of the mannequins, deliberately anyway, I'm sure I touched a breast butt or crotch while posing them. The thought was in my head now though so I wandered over to Grace and placed my hands on her fabric covered breasts, enjoying the feeling of the round globes on my palms.

    "I don't think you finished quite early enough for that" I heard in a sing-song voice behind me, causing me to jump and nearly topple Grace. Thankfully her stand held her fast.

"Brooke, umm.."

    She just laughed "Don't worry Timothy, I told you they won't judge you, and I assure you neither will I. Anyway I like your display here! very creative use of what you were given. I'll have one of the other staff move these girls into position out on the floor, for now there's one thing I need to show you before you can say you want the job I'm going to be offering you. Follow me"

    Not really knowing how to feel, after having been caught in the act and then told I was being offered a job I just silently followed Brooke to another door in the back.

    "OK Timothy, behind this door is a big secret of being a VM here. I'm going to properly introduce you to one of the tools you'll be working with should you accept my offer." Brooke seemed more serious than she'd been in the short time I'd known her, but she opened the door and ushered me into the room before closing the door. I heard a click indicating it had been locked and realized an instant too late that the room was pitch black.

    "Great... What have I gotten myself into" I said aloud. And then I heard movement, I instinctively backed up but quickly hit the door, and before I could move to either side I felt something touch my hand. Something cold, and hard, something that I immediately recognized but dismissed as impossible, at least until I felt the same material come in contact with my chest, and the rest of my body. Most noticeable though was having it on my lips, and in my mouth, and all around my tongue. My brain very quickly said "fuck the impossible" and that's kind of what I did that day. My clothes came off quickly and my invisible partner wasted no time in seeing to the one part of me that was as hard as her. I groped in the dark to feel her breasts and crotch, but she moved out of the way when I found them, seeing to my needs but evidently not wanting anything for her troubles at the moment. I stopped trying and allowed the unseen figure to work her magic, and just before the moment of my release my nose caught a hit of plastic smell, and my face was presented with a smooth expanse of it, waiting for my tongue to dart up and lick it. So lick I did, returning the pleasure that my partner had given to me, while she expertly kept me on the brink of releasing myself. Eventually she shuddered, a movement which caused her to finish me off, and as I lay there panting in the dark, I felt my partner get off of me, and heard her move to somewhere in the room, then the lights came on.

    "Heya Timothy, did you enjoy it?" I heard Cindy before I saw her, my eyes still adjusting to the sudden brightness.

"Cindy? What was that?" Still squinting I could make out the silhouette of a busty woman across the room.

"That was me welcoming you to the store as my and the other girl's new VM! Did I do good?"

"What... I don't think my mind correctly processed what just happened. If that was you, why did you feel like you were plastic?" My sight still hadn't come back fully, but I was starting to make out some colours and Cindy wasn't looking quite how I'd remembered her.

"Because I am plastic silly."

"OK now you're just messing with..." My eyes finally fully adjusted and I say Cindy standing at the far end of the room, shiny and plastic, "me. How..."

"Let me cut you off and explain, and don't worry I was just as confused as you at first. I started working at this store about four months ago as a VM just like you. And just like you I was introduced to the fact that the mannequins here are, or were, living women, by Brooke. Grace is an excellent partner by the way, be sure to get some time with her."

"What? Are you saying that I'm going to end up like you if I work here?"

"No silly, this place doesn't need male mannequins and it's easier for the company that makes us to use women to make female mannequins then to try to start with a male. Besides I can already tell Brooke likes you, and you're taking me being a mannequin remarkably well all things considered. Now get some clothes on and lets go see Brooke so she can explain things. Ever wanted to be dressed by a mannequin?" Cindy looked down, "Yup, looks like you have. Here, let me indulge you."

A few minutes and a bit of light petting later I was seated in Brookes office with Cindy occupying a stand near the door, frozen in some fashion before I had entered the room.

"So Timothy," Brooke began, "you now know a little of our secret. I'm prepared to share the whole thing if you wish to work for me." She handed me an employment contract.

"I am eager to find out what's going on here, but do you mind if I read this first, I want to make sure there's no 'I get to turn you into a mannequin' clause." I reply.

"I can assure you that there isn't one, but take your time with it. Do you wish to come back here tomorrow with it signed to start your position?"

I looked at the time 4:00 and decided that was wise "Sure. I'll e-mail you if I find anything objectionable enough to not accept the job over."

"That's fair. Be here at 8:00 tomorrow for training if you accept."

"OK. Enjoy the rest of your day Brooke!"

"You too Timothy."

    I read the contract on the way home, and the job basically entailed going from store to store and setting up the displays there, and only the mannequin displays, I was also given free creative direction for the most part, with Brooke saying she reserved the right to impose themes if she felt it necessary or wanted to show off a specific product line. There was nothing about becoming a mannequin myself, but there was a clause saying I could order new figures should I feel it necessary. I... tried not to think about that too much that first night, but that didn't prevent the thought from invading my dreams.

    The next morning I arrived at the store at 7:55, and Brooke came out to the front door to let me in promptly at 8:00.

"Glad to see you Timothy, that contract there signed?" she gestured to the sheets in my hand.

"Yes they are boss, I'm ready for training."

"Please, still just call me Brooke, it's nice being called by my name sometimes. Cindy uses it, and Jessica too, but the rest of the girls just call me owner." Brooke rolled her eyes.

"I don't quite know how to respond to that..."

"Oh right, I didn't give you the full rundown. Well, the company that I get the store's mannequins from uses real women as their material. I don't know the whole process but it involves hypnosis and some kind of chemicals. They start by convincing the woman that she is, in fact, a mannequin, and not a human woman. Once that is done they use their chemicals to permanently alter the girl's body, turning her into a true plastic mannequin, but leaving the ability to take on a human form."

"So... if I'm getting this right, the mannequins here are alive, but even when they come to life they're mannequins? But that doesn't make sense with how Cindy behaved yesterday."

"Cindy is a special case, she went into the process willingly so she was allowed to remember that she was once human, like all the other girls though she's just a display piece now. Jessica, who's currently on display in another store is another special case, they left her some of her memories of being a human, but convinced her that she had always been a mannequin, and that some force brought her to life and made her act like a human. The company then returned her to her real form as a sexy object, and she was happy to have it happen because human life was to complicated for a dummy like her."

"And the rest of the girls?"

"You can wake them up, they have some of their human personality, but they're mannequins first and foremost, they want directions on how to pose, they want to be dressed up pretty, and won't dress themselves by the way even if told to, and they want to be frozen back up for display. They're also always fond of their owner and VM, and know that pleasing either one of those is a good way to be displayed in what they think are better locations. Feel free to take advantage of that, since they enjoy it too. Just cause they're objects now doesn't mean they don't deserve some fun." Brooke winked.

"I guess I can see why you want this all to be kept secret, but what about your sales staff? do they know all of this?"

"They do," Brooke gave a wicked little smile "and they don't."

"You are going to have to explain what you mean by that." I reply with a baffled look.

"No, I think it would be more fun for you to experiment. You've got a thing for Asians right?"

I blushed furiously, "How did-"

Brooke cut me off, "Lisa told me about Rachel, Asian mannequins are rare from normal manufacturers, you would have had to go out of your way to get her. Anyway I don't judge about things like this, I'm the one placing orders with a company to turn women into sexy living toys. But we're getting off track. There's a girl coming in this morning by the name of Lin. She's going to be on cash by herself, I want you to introduce yourself to her, and at some point during your interaction with her I want you to say these words: Lin what do you think of my display?"

"Oh. I get it now. She's been hypnotized by the company so she doesn't clue in to why the mannequins here are so different from everywhere else."

"Figured it out huh? Well there's more to it than that, Lin, like all my sales staff, is already part mannequin. I could place an order for her with the company and have her plastic and ready for display in a couple of weeks. Normally processing takes a month to a month and a half depending on how easy it is to seamlessly remove the woman from her old life. With Lin and the other employees though they're just going in for final processing, with the company having any loose ends ready to tie up. Some of our customers are primed as well and that phrase is the way to tell who is and who isn't already partly processed. If they respond 'it would look better with me in it' then they're primed. Or they have a fetish and are easy enough to process. Keep an eye out for those women when you need new mannequins for a display or I'm opening a new store. Once you've worked here a little longer I'll give you the phrase to activate their mannequin programming and have them show up at the company's front door for the final push. For now though work with what you've got and check with me before placing any orders. If you like Lin though let me know, I've been wanting another Chinese figure for a while and she'd be a good candidate for it."

I kind of took the whole 'turning women into mannequins' thing a lot more calmly than I probably should have. And I was way more open to the idea of having some random girl I'd never met suffer that fate than I ever thought I would be. Looking back on this moment, it was probably the first time I came to grips with the fact that my fetish for mannequins was in part a fetish for control, I loved the fact that I had this power over the already mannequinized girls, that I could have them pleasure me any way I chose, and then freeze them back up when finished. And I loved the fact that I could extend that control to others, to add them to my circle of influence by removing any influence they had on their own lives. I had to deal with the fact that playing out my fantasies in my head was one thing, but living them was another. Long term, would I be able to live with myself?

That's a question to be answered another day though, you probably want to hear all about the rest of my training with Brooke on the best ways to make use of my unusual new tools.
The Girls of Dusk Boutique - 1
Why do I seem to generate new ideas and then never finish the old? Anyway this one isn't set in the Dreamweaver universe, it's just it's own thing based off of a Japanese RPG maker game I discovered through Pixiv in which you play a girl trying to escape a facility that hypnotizes girls into mannequins. I had to make liberal use of google translate to get the jist of what was happening and even then I couldn't quite finish the thing. PM me if you want a link to it as I'm not sure if it's safe to post here in the description.

Anyway if you like (or didn't like) the story please let me know, feedback helps motivate me to keep going with things (though my track record show's that's not a perfect way to go). This one will be at least getting a part two as I have more ideas for it though!
So I recently discovered what turned out to be an older site that many of you might already know about. or Choose Your Own Change. There's a forum with fully fleshed out stories on it, but the interesting part is the "interactives" where people write chapters of ongoing stories and others can continue them. (Is this what the medusa project was/is? I've never spent too much time on that site as I'm not a big statue fan.) Anyway cyoc has changes of all kinds with a decent amount of inanimate content. As such I've started writing a few chapters for it, which you can find here:…
Some of my chapters are continuations of things on the site, while three of them are "Sealed with a kiss" split up into three portions, giving other people the chance to jump in and write their own version of the story at different points. No idea if they'll get fleshed out or not but the option is there at least.
Before I end this I'll drop a link to the start of a fun mannequin themed path that I've written a chapter for:…
Just hit 'previous chapter' to understand what's going on first.

Hope this turns out to be fun reading (and maybe writing?) for at least a few of you. Drop me a comment here if you end up writing anything!
Why did I make a Tumblr blog? To keep track of images that I might want to make manips of, and also to give anyone who's interested in checking it out some say in what gets done. I'll throw images up on it once in a while and if people request it gets done it'll make it's way to my DA page at some point. Possibly with a story. Anyway here's the link: there's not much (actually nothing at time of posting this) there now, but I'll have things there soon. Lets see how this experiment goes.
So if any of you follow my writing (or I guess my posting here at all) you'll notice I'm rather... sporadic. I'll have short bursts of activity then disappear for months (years?) before the next thing gets posted. I'm also bad about following up with stories that I've started, and that's the main thing I want to address here.

I don't have an ending in mind when I start a story.
This is the reason that Dreamweaver Part 2 has been on hold for as long as it has, I don't know where to go with it. I think I've tried writing two or three different takes on it so far and none of them are sticking. I can't quite decide on what I want to do with it, and I'm not getting any help from Laura or Quill. To non-writers that may sound like a strange thing to say, but a well written character takes on a life of their own and can guide the author down paths they hadn't really thought of. With Dreamweaver one I had Saki and her insecurities, and a whole cast of one-note characters around her that fed into her enjoying (or not) her time on display. I could even get away with the one-note bit cause it was just snapshots of their lives from the perspective of a window dummy. But those characters still spoke and dictated how their interactions would go.

Laura has a supporting cast that continually shows up in her dreams, but they don't have personalities, they're pure fetish material and are about as talkative as the items they become. Even Laura herself is difficult to write as she was set up from the beginning to become a doll-fetishist's dream. Quill is the more interesting character in this segment of the story, but he's not saying much either since there isn't much for him to work with beyond "make the girl a doll". At least in part one he could be snarky and play around with Saki, feeding her insecurities even as he made sure she'd be OK.

With the Girls of Dusk Boutique I'm feeling more confident in my ability to bring it to an actual close. Like Dreamweaver Two I started writing it more as pure fetish material, but the characters very quickly picked up a life of their own. I like Timothy as the protagonist with a moral quandary, I like Brooke (thinking about Dreamweaver should I just call her Nancy?), Cindy needs a bit more time in the story but she's going to be fun, and Lin is looking like fetish material at the moment but there's more to her that she hasn't let on yet. Angelique may or may not make a return, but you will get to see more fully converted mannequin girls to compare her to.

I guess I should get to the point of this as opposed to just venting. I want to finish Dreamweaver Two in one form or another. I know there are people out there who like the form it's taken and I'm pretty sure at least a few of you follow me, so I ask this: should I plow ahead and draw it to the inevitable close? Or should its current form be sent to the scrap heap and replaced with something that carries on its spirit but is less about being pure fetish writing.

For those of you who got this far: Here's a link to what I've got so far of the next part of Dreamweaver Two. It's unfinished and might remain that way, but it's there if you're interested.





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